Urgent care is not emergency care. For life-threatening medical emergencies, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

League City Urgent Care

Brazos Urgent Care provides fast, efficient, high-quality medical treatment when the good people of League City need it most. We offer services ranging from injury treatment, vaccinations, lab tests, X-rays and more.

Our League City urgent care facility will see people the same day they call, and we accept walk-in appointments. Call us today at (832) 734-8462

The Signs It’s Time to Call Urgent Care

Time is of the essence in a medical situation. That's why many people turn to urgent care facilities like ours. Whether it's a sudden injury or illness, urgent care can provide the necessary treatment quickly and easily.

Many people come through our doors due to sore throats, earaches, or feverish symptoms. While these are sometimes minor illnesses that can often be resolved at home with rest and proper hydration, there are other instances where symptoms persist for too long or become more severe. Urgent care centers can diagnose a condition right away and recommend appropriate medications. 

Sprains, fractures, and cuts are some of the most common injuries treated in an urgent care facility. If the swelling is too great, or the pain is unbearable, our Brazos urgent care office provides an effective solution for immediate treatment. For those dealing with broken bones, immediate attention is required so that the bones don’t heal incorrectly, or cause further damage to surrounding tissues.

Allergic reactions are also fairly frequent at urgent care centers. These range from the mild irritation that’s usually due to seasonal allergies, to more serious conditions that require medicine as soon as possible. 

Brazos Urgent Care serves both the English and Spanish-speaking communities in League City. Call us at (832) 734-8462 for an appointment or just walk on in today. 

The Benefits of League City Urgent Care Over an Emergency Room

Visiting our facility will usually be a  better option than going to the emergency room. For starters, the wait times are usually significantly lower. And while every day is different, urgent care centers can typically provide more personalized attention, allowing for quicker and more efficient treatment.

An urgent care visit will not require a referral from the patient’s primary care physician. For someone who needs treatment that would otherwise be administered be a specialist, this advantage is a valuable elimination of red tape. Furthermore, Brazos Urgent Care accepts most insurance plan. 

The Fast & Convenient Care You Deserve

Brazos Urgent Care provides fast and efficient service, delivered by experienced and knowledgeable staff We can quickly diagnose and treat everything common illnesses, injuries, allergies, and other serious conditions, so you or your loved one can get relief as soon as possible. Don't wait for a condition to worsen or to live in misery for even one more moment. 

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